Hideharu Onuma Sensei



  Hideharu Onuma was the 15th-generation headmaster of the Heki Ryu Sekka-Ha school of archery and kyudo hanshi, 9th dan. He was born in Tokyo in 1910 into a highly respected archery family. Onuma sensei, who was instrumental in introducing Kyudo to the West, believed that Kyudo belonged not just to the Japanese but to the whole world. Until his death in 1990 he made regular trips abroad to demonstrate and teach his art.

  During one of his Japan stays, Charles Stampfli was taught by Onuma Sensei while living in his dojo. The Plan-les-Ouates dojo created by Charles is linked to the Onuma Sensei tradition and hold in his name the word "Mei" (moon and sun symbol), luminous, as other dojo from Onuma Sensei transmission.
Mei Kyu Kan, the house of the luminous bow ... or maybe the house of the enlightment through bow practise.